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Model RV is a used-oil-fired heater. It is fueled by "waste" oils.

What is a "waste" oil?

Typical examples are lubrication products found in the maintenance and service facilities for automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, fleets, etc. These could consist of any combination of engine oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, and even gear lubes and other acceptable lubricants that have been used.

Any firm generating acceptable quantities of waste oil, and having a need for facility heating or process hot water, is a candidate for waste oil heating. This could include everything from large fleet shops, automobile, truck and heavy equipment dealers and service centers, fast lubes, greenhouses, agricultural facilities, and even small garages.

The Federal EPA has designated typical waste oil as acceptable fuel, to be utilized as such in onsite recycling. A heater, furnace or boiler size limit of 500,000 BTU maximum input is required. Other than that, the facility is to recycle the waste oils generated onsite or dropped off at the site by those who change their own oils, and the combustion gases must be exhausted to the outside. States, counties or municipalities may have their own requirements, but usually follow Federal guidelines. In some instances, a permit to operate a waste oil heater, furnace or boiler may be necessary.

Heating Range ( MBH )

Airflow Range ( CFM )

Airthrow Range ( Feet )

Heating Efficiency at full load ( Gross )


  • Automatic, thermostat controlled operation
  • 10-year combustion chamber/heat exchanger limited warranty
  • NEW! - Heavy gauge, single-passage combustion chamber/heat exchanger
  • 115V Supply - Model RV225 230V Supply - Model RV325
  • Remote pump system provides a metered flow of fuel
  • Oil preheating system (U.S. Patent No. 5,080,579)
  • Air atomizing burner
  • Electric spark ignition with electronic cad-cell flame safety system
  • Piston air compressor with replaceable filter
  • Fan and limit controls
  • High temperature limit control
  • Terminal block wiring
  • Built-in disconnect switch
  • Permanently lubricated blower motor with internal overload protection
  • Operation hour meter
  • 24-volt thermostat
  • Barometric draft regulator
  • Backflow/ash sensor
  • Observation and overfire draft sampling ports
  • NEW! - Single point burner wiring connection to facilitate service and prevent operation when access door is open
  • Flexible fuel line and built-in tray for service to the burner and nozzle (without disconnecting the fuel line)
  • Large service panels designed for full access to both ends of the combustion chamber/heat exchanger -- burner end swings out; exhaust end is easily removed
  • Supply line filter system with a disposable strainer and dirty filter indicator gauge
  • Individually adjustable horizontal louvers that are removable for duct connection
  • Blower inlet and belt guards
  • Baked-on enamel finish
  • 4-point, 1/2" threaded hanger connectors
  • NEW! - Flexibility to change discharge to the rear or front and rear

ACCESSORIES - Field Installed

  • Vertical louvers
  • Hanger kit
  • Model OT 250-gallon workbench oil tank with or without heater stand
  • Vent cap

Technical Data
1 File

Technical Data

Technical Catalog Data Sheet - RV
Technical catalog information (submittal sheet) - Model RV
Download File
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8 Files


Unit Installation Manual - Model RV
Installation manual for used-oil-fired heater Model RV
Download File
1.4 MB
Option - Installation - Heater Stand Assembly
Instructions for set up of heater stand for oil tank
Download File
556.9 kB
Field Service - Pump Motor Replacement
Pump motor replacement kit instructions for Models RA, RAD, RV, & RAB
Download File
1.0 MB
Option - Installation - Vertical Louvers Installation - RV
Installation of vertical louvers for Model RV
Download File
205.2 kB
Field Service - Replacement Kit for RA(D) and RV Heater Models
Replacement Kit for Air Compressor on RA(D) and RV Heater Models
Download File
601.5 kB
Field Service - Ignition Controller Replacement - Models RA, RAD, RV & RAB
Ignition controller replacement for Models RA, RAD, RV & RAB
Download File
416.3 kB
Replacement parts for model RA, RAD, and RV used-oil heaters
Replacement parts
Download File
7.9 MB
Unit Installation - Used-Oil Warning Label
Instructions for attaching a "USED-OIL WARNING" label to the storage tank
Download File
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Price Lists
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Price Lists

Price Sheet Waste Oil Spare Parts Database - 2015
2015 Waste Oil Fired Heater & Boiler Spare Parts Database (Excel Spreadsheet)
Download File
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Other Files
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Other Files

Limited Warranty Statement
Limited warranty statement
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