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Water heater/boiler that operates on used motor oil for fuel.

Reznor® Model RAB Series Used Oil Boilers are available in two sizes with BTUH inputs of 350,000 and 500,000. The boilers are equipped with burners that are designed to burn used oil but will also burn No. 2 fuel oil. The used oil must be no heavier than 50 weight and not lighter than No. 2 fuel oil.
The boiler is made of GL-180M silicone injected, gray cast iron giving it excellent corrosion resistance, flexibility, and high thermal conductivity. The double wall sectional construction allows for a high efficiency three pass heat exchanger. Flue ways are sealed gas-tight with tongue and groove designed sections and elastic high temperature sealing rope. The unique water flow pattern eliminates thermal shock by using supply water to preheat the return water before it enters the main heat exchanger. Under normal conditions, there is no minimum return water temperature and no minimum flow requirements. A minimum supply temperature of 122°F must be maintained during burner operation. (NOTE: If the application could include a return with the temperature of ice water, maintain 158°F in the boiler.) Internal water circulation and injection combined with deflection plates ensure condensate-free boiler operation under no-flow conditions.

Heating Range ( MBH )

Heating Efficiency at full load ( Gross )

Standard Features

  • Remote oil pumping system provides a metered flow of fuel
  • Oil preheating system (U.S. Patent No. 5,080,579)
  • Air atomizing burner
  • Electric spark ignition with electronic cad-cell flame safety system
  • Piston air compressor with replaceable filter
  • Terminal block wiring
  • Built-in disconnect switches (pump and burner)
  • Observation and over-fire draft sampling ports
  • Oil supply line filter system with cleanable strainer and dirty filter indicator gauge
  • Operation hour meter
  • Barometric draft regulator
  • Draft inducer
  • Low water shut-off
  • Relief valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Flexible fuel line for service to the burner and nozzle (without disconnecting the fuel line)
  • Three-pass design boiler of silicone injected cast iron with enamel jacket and 3" wraparound thermal insulation
  • Large combustion chamber with Pyroflex® liner
  • Full-size, hinged door for service access has a permanent gasket that provides a positive seal
  • Water supply and return connections at rear of boiler

Accessories - Field Installed

  • Vent cap
  • 250 gallon workbench oil tank (Model OT250)

Technical Data
1 File

Technical Data

Technical Catalog Data Sheet - RAB
Technical catalog information (submittal sheet) - Model RAB
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Field Service - Pump Motor Replacement
Pump motor replacement kit instructions for Models RA, RAD, RV, & RAB
Download File
1.0 MB
Unit Installation - Used-Oil Warning Label
Instructions for attaching a "USED-OIL WARNING" label to the storage tank
Download File
186.9 kB
Unit Installation Manual - RAB
Installation manual for used-oil-fired boiler Model RAB
Download File
1.2 MB
Field Service - Replacement Insulator and Liner - Model RAB
Instructions with replacement burner tube insulator and combustion chamber liner kit - Model RAB
Download File
547.3 kB
Field Service - Ignition Controller Replacement - Models RA, RAD, RV & RAB
Ignition controller replacement for Models RA, RAD, RV & RAB
Download File
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Other Files
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Other Files

Limited Warranty Statement
Limited warranty statement
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