News Case Study-Cummins Automotive Group

Case Study-Cummins Automotive Group

Alpharetta, GA (Atlanta)
Brian Sinclair, Owner

When the team at Cummins Automotive decided to heat their premiere Mercedes-Benz service center with the waste oils they generated, owner Brian Sinclair called the premiere name in alternative heating ... Reznor. Mike Reale of Atlanta Waste Oil Heaters assisted Cummins by selecting the proper equipment size, providing expert installation, and cleaning the units annually.

According to Brian, "The units now heat the entire facility, consisting of the main garage, two smaller shops, and over 1,200 square feet of office space, with no problems." Brian confirms that "the heaters paid for themselves within a couple of years" and that "the heaters continue to save Cummins Automotive thousands of dollars every year in heating costs". How much savings you may ask? Enough that upon canceling service with a natural gas utility company, the representative informed Mr. Sinclair that he would only be charged $35.00 per meter/per year, to which he responded, "No Ma'am I will not be paying you a dime, you can come get your meters - I will never need them again".

Upset at the loss of a high usage customer, the utility company had to see for themselves. When they came to remove their meters, the technicians asked to see Mr. Sinclair's alternative to high price natural gas bills. They were amazed!

In addition to enjoying the savings, Brian is also pleased that Cummins Automotive is conserving energy and helping to protect the environment by recycling their own used waste oils instead of shipping them off-site.

So, how does Brian really feel about Reznor Waste Oil Heaters? In his own words, "Quality, Performance, and Efficiency, what more could you ask for?"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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