RA SERIES Space Heaters

Reznor RA & RAD Series Waste Oil Unit Heaters are available in four sizes with BTU inputs of 140,000 to 500,000. RA units are propeller fan type units. RAD units utilize blowers. These units are designed to burn typical waste oils, up to 50 weight, transmission fluids and #2 fuel oil. All Reznor heaters are designed to facilitate installation and required maintenance procedures. Model RA and RAD unit heaters are CSA certified to UL Standards and meet EPA requirements for onsite recycling of used oils.

  1. Air, Atomizing-type Burner
  2. Automatic, Thermostat-controlled operation
  3. 10-Year Combustion/Heat Exchanger limited warranty
  4. Remote, Metering Fuel Pumping system
  5. Patented Oil Preheating System (US Patent # 5,080,579)
  6. Electric Spark Ignition with Electronic Cad-Cell Flame Safety system
  7. Piston Air Compressor with replaceable Filter
  8. Fan & Limit Controls
  9. High-Temperature Limit Control
  10. Terminal Block Wiring
  11. Built-in Disconnect Switches for Pump & Heater
  12. Permanently lubricated Fan or Blower Motor w/ Internal Overload Protection
  13. Operation Hour Meter
  14. Barometric Draft Regulator
  15. Backflow Sensor
  16. Flexible Fuel Line and Built-in Tray for service to burner and nozzle, without disconnecting fuel line.
  17. Large, easily accessible Service Panels designed to facilitate Combustion Chamber/ Heat exchanger maintenance.
  18. Observation and Draft Sampling Ports
  19. Oil Supply Line Filter System with Disposable Strainer and dirty filter Indicator Gauge
  20. Individually adjusted, Horizontal Louvers.
  21. Full safety Fan Guard or Blower Inlet and Belt Guards
  22. Baked-on Enamel Finish
  23. 4-Point Hanger Connections
OPTIONAL FEATURES (Factory-Installed)
High altitude operation (Select models)

ACCESSORIES (Field-Installed)
Vertical Louvers (Models 140, 235 & 350)
High Altitude Conversion Kits (Models 235 & 350)
250-Gallon Workbench Fuel Tank with or without Heater Stand.
Stand Hanger Kit
Vent Cap

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